Welcome to Brian’s Public Theology site. However, although this page obviously still exists it is now more of a history than anything and I suggest that you click here and go to my new blog where you will find a more interactive set of pages that includes everything that is here and more besides.

It is connected with Seedbed publishing and Asbury Theological Seminary.


Seedbed – publishing for a great awakening

Seedbed is an arm of Asbury Theological seminary that is producing exciting resources to build up the body of Christ. You can check out their home page for on-line resources and the Seven Minute Seminary for videos that deal with social issues including videos that I have recorded on bioethics. One is on IVF and the status of embryos in the light of the Christian understanding of the person and the other is on the biotechnological revolution that has the potential for changing the very nature of the human person—possibly leading to a new form of humanity (trans or post-humanism). What does the Christian understanding of humanity as made in the image of God contribute to this?